Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yesterday was a crazy day in the clinic- many sad stories, God showing me I have nothing to complain about. He is just stripping my heart from all my comfortable life. We could have it so much worse in America, but God has blessed and cursed us by putting us there. Blessed because we have nothing to worry about compared to the rest of the world, and cursed because we don't appreciate or see what God has blessed us with. Start thinking about all God has saved you from and blessed you with. It will blow your mind.

We saw Baby No Pants on the way home- Anna stopped so I could get a picture (above). He is so big and precious! I want to just take him home with me, he's so cute and joyful. We're heading off to church, I'll try and update later today. Sorry I didn't get to last night, we haven't had any power the whole time we've been here so we're trying not to suck the power.

Prayer requests: our last day of clinic (tomorrow) would go well and we'd be able to see the rest of the patients with no turning people away, safe travels on the way home, and God's will to be done. He is good!

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